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What’s Expected of a Country Manager? CREDIT AND COLLECTIONS
The Country Manager is expected to follow the credit and collection policy of the Company. This means extending the effort towards protecting the Company before extending credit by obtaining credit agreements, getting approved credit limits, and then keeping clients within them as well as routinely calling and collecting on past dues.
The Country Manager is expected to address the training needs of the individual within their branch, which includes fulfilling their personal growth goals as well as those of the Company. This training would adequately and suitably address all of the basic and fundamental issues of running a branch, retaining customers, and eliminating errors. It would also provide a program for the training of one’s own replacement.
The Country Manager is expected to prepare a yearly budget that increases and challenges their revenues over the current year. This increase need not necessarily satisfy corporate objectives but rather indicate healthy progress in the branch and have profitability as its goal. Of course, a genuine effort to achieve it is expected as well.
The Country Manager is expected to have a comprehensive sales program that involves proportionately each person (including themselves) within the branch to secure and maintain new customers. The program should hold them accountable for their results and meet the corporate objectives.
Country Managers (and their people) are expected to sacrifice their personal or the branch gain for the sake of the Company as a whole.
It is expected that Country Managers will conduct themselves, those they lead, and the Company’s business in the highest standards and to protect the Company’s reputation.
It is expected that the Country Manager be literate in all aspects of The Company business and operations including accounting and the functions of The Company’ computer systems and in weak areas, endeavor to improve upon them constantly.
It is expected that a Country Manager will know the Company’s working dynamics (where our offices are, the different services, the organization) and to strictly adhere to the Company’s mission statement.
It is expected that Country Managers be obsessed with the fundamental details of running the business. It is being concerned about the “basics” of the operations and in being consumed towards making them consistently correct that our highest goals will be achieved.
Finally, Country Managers are expected to deal firmly but fairly with all of our people, all of the time.

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