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General And Consular Affairs Officer - Royal Dutch Embassy

General And Consular Affairs Officer - Royal Dutch Embassy

Embajada Del Reino De Los Países Bajos En Panamá

General And Consular Affairs Officer - Royal Dutch Embassy

Detalles de la oferta

Please send your CV and motivation letter no later than Friday May 29. Applications received after that date will not be considered.

Job level : scale 6
Number of hours: 20

We are looking for a parttime General and Consular Affairs Officer, who is genuinely customer oriented, has a professional problem solving mentality, and is meticulous and precise in handling administrative, financial and consular proceedings.

General affairs largely relate to finances (including accounting for the remittance of fees).The officer submits invoices to the back office for processing after they have been initialled (to confirm contract performance) by the Operational Manager (OM) and signed by the requestor.

In the field of consular affairs the officer’s duties mainly consist of performing front office activities related to consular services. The officer is accountable to the OM for the accuracy of the information provided and the correct application and implementation of the legislation, procedures and instructions in force. Relevant legislation, instructions and guidelines are available to be able to perform duties properly. The officer receives and checks visa applications (Caribbean visa) and submits them to the RSO’s back office, and passport applications and submits them to the CSO’s back office. The officer is accountable for the consular cash box,reporting to the OM on a weekly basis.

The General and Consular Affairs Officer also acts as a back up to the Operational Manager and (partly) the Assistant to the Management Team.


1. General support in the field of financial administration: administration is handled timely, precise and according to internal regulations;

2. Consular services: the customer feels valued at the front desk and is well informed, and the consular services are handled timely, precise and according to the consular regulations and procedures.



1. General support in the field of financial administration, organization of events and GO (user support)

- Handling / managing invoices and sending them to the FSO’s back office and giving follow up if necessary. Decision taking whether services have been provided and providers can be paid (p-declaration).

- Administrative and archiving tasks.

- Co-management of both the General Affairs and Consular mailboxes.

- Support services for coworkers.

- Occassional assistance during embassy events.

- Back up to the Operational Manager and the Assistant to the Management Team.

2. Consular services

Carrying out an initial assessment of applications for travel documents, Caribbean visas and consular declarations, and checking whether the accompanying documents are complete and accurate;
Checking the documentation accompanying applications, entering applications in various computerised systems and submitting complete applications to the back offices in Washington (Carribean visa) / The Hague;Keeping consular records by creating, organising, storing, weeding and maintaining physical files and documents (visa applications, Dutch nationality declarations);
Assessing the importance and urgency of incoming (email) correspondence and, on his/her own initiative and at his/her own discretion, appending information that is needed in order to deal with it;
Communication about consular services via social media of the Embassy.



The General/Consular Affairs Officer is accountable to the unit head and OM for the progress and quality of financial administrative support services.Ministerial administrative and procedural implementing regulations relating to internal management apply.



With management staff (OM), on the planning and completion of work;With the financial and consular departments at the ministry in the Hague, to obtain and provide information on the nature and progress of the administrative handling of cases);

With (local) ministerial and interministerial bodies/institutions;
With the general public (mostly Dutch citizens) applying for travel documents or other consular services.



Knowledge of applicable legislation, internal administrative procedures, work instructions and formal rules on competence and procedures, as well as the organization’s duties, structure and way of working;

Knowledge of general principles of policy concerning migration and consular affairs;

Skill in creating and keeping files;
General ICT skills (MS Office);
Skill in providing information on implementing legislation and procedures;
Knowledge of the relevant computerised and other systems, including DAM/RD, and skill in using them;
Skill in solving technical and other problems;
Skill in collaborating with local and other staff;
Social and communication skills.



Flexibility: Adapts goal/approach if circumstances require.
Integrity: Acts according to generally accepted norms and values and in keeping with the civil service oath/affirmation.
Client orientation: Takes account of the client’s needs and interests.
Focus on result: Strives to achieve a predetermined result.
Accuracy: Works precisely and carefully, signals and corrects deviations and omissions / also in the case of routine work, adheres to regulations or agreed quality standards and regularly tests the quality of one's own work.



Skilled in Windows-driven MS Office programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook.
Skilled in collecting and interpreting data and compiling information;
Skilled and experienced in administrative work, and in coordinating mid complex information flows and processes from various sources, weighing up consequences, interests, priorities etc;
Communication skills;
Relevant work experience.
Excellent knowledge (written and oral) of English, Good knowledge (written and oral) of Spanish. Knowledge of Dutch is an advantage.



The Embassy is focused on promoting Dutch economic interests in Panama, as well as on providing excellent consular services to Dutch citizens, Panamanians and foreigners living in Panama.

The Embassy consists of a team of 10 persons, usually supported by 1 intern. The Embassy is working closely together with back offices in The Hague for financial matters and for consular matters. For consular matters there’s a 24/7 Call Center in The Hague.

The Embassy is located in Oceania Business Plaza, Punta Pacifica.


Has good social and communication skills, is discrete and has very high integrity standards. Has a flexible attitude and can work flexible hours. Able to master the work quickly and to work independently. Has an open and honest mindset. Is available on a short term.

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